Lease Programs

West Bay Leasing Services, LLC offers flexible leasing programs:

Master Lease:

The master lease spells out all of the major terms and conditions that will be common to a group of smaller leases. The equipment description, lease term and payment amounts of the smaller leases are spelled out on each individual smaller lease.

Skip Payments:

If you are part of a seasonal industry this is the lease for you. Payments are made during the time that the equipment is in service. Payments are skipped during the off season.

Operating Lease:

This is a “True Lease” in the eyes of the government. This type of lease is not required to be shown on the balance sheet of the lessee.

Capital Lease:

A lease that will normally have a small purchase option. This type of lease is treated as a purchase from an accounting standpoint and should be shown on the lessee’s guarantees the residual value but the lease is still treated like an operating lease for tax purposes.

Made to Order:

West Bay Leasing is a flexible company and we have the time to spend with you to custom fit a lease for your needs. Contact us today!

Excellent Company

West Bay Leasing Services

“I have Leased from West Bay Leasing Services, LLC for the last 2 1/2 years and each time has been as pleasant as the time before. I have Leased trucks and each time the process went smoothly, the cost was within reason and the staff always went out of their way to help me.”

Mankato, MN